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Ready to drink

Handy pre-mixed drinks and cocktails. Ideal for on the go, to enjoy a drink in the park or during a picnic.



Alcohol-free percentage

Alle producten met minder dan 0.5% alcohol vallen onder alcoholvrij. Wil je echt 0,0%, gebruik dan dit filter.



Ready for convenience with our 'Ready to Drink' collection at World of NIX

Fancy an easy and delicious drinking experience? The ' Ready to Drink ' collection from World of NIX offers a range of pre-mixed drinks and cocktails that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're on the go, enjoying the park or planning a picnic, our selection provides a convenient and enjoyable solution. Each drink is carefully formulated to meet your expectations of taste and quality, without the hassle of mixing it yourself.

A Diverse Selection for Every Taste

In our 'Ready to Drink' collection you will find:

ISH Mojito, Spritz, and Gin & Tonic : These classics are pre-mixed for your convenience and offer an authentic taste experience.

Trip Infused Drinks : Try the Elderflower Mint, Infused Peach Ginger, and Lemon Basil for a unique twist on traditional flavors.

ALT Blanc de Blancs : Enjoy this sparkling wine-like experience, perfect for special moments or when you feel like something festive.

Pleasure Without Hassle

Our 'Ready to Drink' collection makes it easy to enjoy delicious drinks without the need for preparation. Whether you're alone or with friends, these drinks are an excellent way to relax and enjoy yourself.