Dutch Non Alcoholic Spirit Awards 2022

The winners of the 2022 Dutch Non Alcoholic Spirits Awards have been announced at Perfect Serve Barshow Amsterdam.

Winner Light: Cedar's Wild

Winner Aperitif: Nona Spritz

Winner Digestif: Gnista Barelled Oak and Lyre's Coffee Originale

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Sober October 2022 tastiest month ever with these non-alcoholic winners

Winners 2022 Dutch Non Alcoholic Spirit Awards announced

[Haarlem, September 7, 2022] The winners of the second edition of the Dutch Non Alcoholic Spirit Awards have been announced.

The jury

The expert jury - consisting of: Mister Cocktail Albert van Beeck Calkoen , wine journalist and mindful drinker Esmee Langereis and Nix & Nix cocktail shaker Arvid Bruinier judged more than 50 entries based on 3 criteria: taste, concept and design. Taste determined 50% of the score and the other two criteria for 25% each. The winners were announced yesterday at the number one cocktail event in the Netherlands, De Perfect Serve Barshow Amsterdam. Langereis: “In the aperitif and light category, the non-alcoholic spirits that excel in focus, taste and credibility win: they do exactly what they are supposed to do and match or even surpass the original mixers in freshness & fruitiness. In the digestif category, a drink wins precisely for its exciting flavours. Mysterious and dark, and really something to look forward to after dinner. ”

Winners: Ceder's Wild, Nona Spritz, Gnista Barelled Oak and Lyre's Coffee Originale. 'Nona Spritz won in the aperitif category. Charlotte Matthys, founder of Nona: “We think it's great that the quality of our Nona Spritz has been recognized by the jury members of the Dutch Non Alcoholic Spirit Awards. We are very proud with this award and ready for a further roll-out of Nona in the Netherlands. We thank Nix & Nix for the organization.” Gnista Barelled Oak won in the digestif category along with Lyre's Coffee Originale. Gnista Founder Erika Olen: “Winning this coveted award for the second time in a row once again demonstrates the top quality of our beverages. We look forward to letting even more people enjoy Gnista.”

Interest in non-alcoholic spirits is increasing

The non-alcoholic spirits category in the Netherlands (and internationally) continues to grow rapidly. That is why the first non-alcoholic liquor store and also market leader in the Netherlands Nix & Nix organized the Dutch Non Alcoholic Spirit Awards for the second time; an official national non-alcoholic trade award that assesses both local and international brands. Wim Boekema (Nix & Nix): “We see an enormous increase in the attention for non-alcoholic spirits. Both consumers and brands are getting more experience with the drinks and are therefore constantly looking for the best and most original non-alcoholic spirits on the market. We are very happy with a record number of entries and the collaboration with Timo Janse and team at the Perfect Serve Barshow Amsterdam.”

Result per category:

Light Spirits. Gold Medal: Cedar's Wild; Silver Medal: Cedar's Crisp; Bronze Medal: Ginamis. Audience Award: Ginamis.

Aperitif: Gold Medal: Nona Spritz; Silver Medal: Selati African Savannah; Bronze Medal: Three Spirit Social Elixir. Audience Award: Selati African Savannah.

Digestive. Gold Medal: Gnista Barelled Oak and Lyre's Coffee Originale. Bronze Medal: Three Spirit Nightcap and Van Sha Aromatic Spice. Audience Award: Lyre's Amaretti.

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After a successful first edition last year, NIX & NIX is proud to announce the 2022 Dutch Non Alcoholic Spirit Awards.

We are extremely excited to again see a contest for the best Non Alcoholic Spirits.

About the competition:

  • Drinks will be scored on Taste 50%, Concept 25% and Design 25%.
  • The expert jury of Esmee Langereis, Albert van Beeck Calkoen and Arvid Bruinier.
  • Awards can be won in different categories and drinks will be judged based on your basic “perfect serve” suggestion.

On September 6th at 16.00 the winners will be announced to a crowd of cocktail lovers at Perfect Serve Barshow in Amsterdam.

A selection of spirits ranked highest by the expert jury will also compete for an “audience award” which will be held on September 6th at Perfect Serve Barshow and is open for visitors of the fair.

How to register:

  • The awards are free of charge.
  • Registration closes August 31st at which time all drinks and information should be with us.

    To participate please email awards@nixennix.com and include the following information:

  • Your company name
  • Name and description of drinks that you would like to enrol
  • Contact details including email and telephone number