Dutch alcohol-free toppers

Alcoholvrije dranken uit Nederland

We scour the world to offer the best non-alcoholic drinks, but of course we also have a number of home-grown toppers in our range. Curious about the story behind these top non-alcoholic brands and a fun fact about each?

Saboritz Spumante

Imagine a sparkling evening filled with laughter, clinking glasses, and the bubbly joy of being together. This is the essence of Saboritz Spumante , a premium non-alcoholic bubble that transforms every occasion into a celebration of Italian joie de vivre. With its vibrant charm, Saboritz emphasizes enjoying the beautiful moments in life, large or small. It's flavor of pear, green apple and a subtle hint of elderflower makes every sip delicious, perfect for those looking for a bubble with that little bit extra.

Carefully selected from the Glera and Airen grape varieties from the Veneto region, this premium spumante Saboritz offers a tasty choice for every occasion. And for those who prefer the Prosecco experience, this festive bottle offers a delicious alternative, turning every moment into a party.

Did you know, Italy's famous Veneto region is known for its rich winemaking tradition and the Glera grape is especially famous as the basis for Prosecco. The combination of these grapes in an alcohol-free Spumante provides a unique twist, giving Saboritz a special place in the world of festive, alcohol-free bubbles.

Paulie's Ginger

Paulies Ginger is a story about passion, health and love, all brought together in the heart of Haarlem by Paul and his beloved Yvonne. When Yvonne decided to give up alcohol, Paul used his culinary skills to create the very best non-alcoholic drink for her. After much experimenting with slow juicing and blending, the ultimate ginger drink was created. This became the beginning of Paulies Ginger.

The Paulies Ginger range consists of delicious ginger shots ( Paulies Ginger Original ) and turmeric shots ( Paulies Ginger Turmeric ), prepared with 100% organic ingredients such as ginger, turmeric and lemon. These shots are available in both sweetened and unsweetened (RAW) variants, so you can drink them neat, mix them with tea or (sparkling) water, or use them as a base for festive mocktails .

A fun fact about Paulies Ginger is that Paul and Yvonne personally market the product in Haarlem with great passion. This gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy this unique ginger juice and promotes a healthy life in a tasteful way.


Have you heard of Sapinca , the magical drink that awakens the senses with its unique flavors and aromas? Originated from the creative mind of Diederick Evers. With a mother as a well-known chef and owner of a cooking school, Diederick was familiar with the art of taste and creation from an early age. His travels to distant places brought him into contact with exotic flavors and ingredients, from Africa to Latin America.
The Sapinca story began when the demand arose during cooking workshops for an "alcohol-free" alternative that was not only healthy and powerful, but would also go perfectly with culinary dishes. Diederick, driven by his knowledge and experience, took up this challenge. He chose ginger as a base and added special roots such as ashwagandha, maca, yacon and tapioca, known for their powerful taste and medicinal properties since the time of the Incas.

Sapinca is more than a drink; it is an ode to nature and its hidden treasures. Each ingredient contributes to the unique taste and makes the preparation method particularly complex, resulting in a flavor explosion that is difficult to describe. The range, including the Organic Root Elixir and Organic Fruit Elixir , offers a range of options: from a neat shot to a portion of unique mocktails .

A fun fact: the name 'Sapinca' is a portmanteau of 'sap', referring to sap, and 'Inca', inspired by the Sapa Inca, the divine emperor of the Inca Empire.

Wilder Land

Do you already know Wilder Land ? This isn't just any brand; it's a movement that puts nature back in our hands and on our plates. It all started with a dream: restoring Dutch nature and pampering our taste buds at the same time. Imagine fields full of native crops, where bees and butterflies flutter freely and where every plant contributes to a richer, healthier earth. This is the vision of Wilder Land, where they work together with farmers, tastemakers and lovers of good food to rewild the Netherlands strip by strip.

And the range? That's to die for! From sparkling iced teas and botanical syrups to wilder multigrain pastas and granola, every Wilder Land product is a party for your taste buds and a gift to nature. Take for example Wilder Land Holy Smokey part ll, the smoky kombucha based on the smoked (un)herbal tea blend: Holy Smokey

Wilder Land's commitment to nature is so inspiring that together their customers and partners make a huge impact. With every cup of tea, every plate of pasta or every glass of syrup you contribute to a healthier, biodiverse earth. It is not only enjoying the rich flavors, but also knowing that every sip or bite contributes to a greater good.


The story of VINADA starts with Jessica van Spaendonck - van der Kist, a Dutch entrepreneur, mother of two, and passionate about contributing to the social acceptance of alcohol-free wines . Jessica's dream of creating an alcohol-free alternative to wine became a reality in 2018, after health reasons kept her from drinking alcohol. This personal need for a high-quality, alcohol-free alternative led her to Spain in search of the perfect grapes for VINADA's sparkling wines. VINADA's selection consists of sparkling wines, premium French Chardonnay, and wines from the La Mancha wine region in Spain.

In its short existence, VINADA® has already won more than 20 awards and the brand is available in 32 countries. Jessica's vision to create a world where people ask "What are you drinking tonight?" instead of "Why aren't you drinking tonight?" clearly resonates with many worldwide.