Fun(c)tional drinks

Fun(c)tionele dranken
Functional drinks. Elixirs. Adaptogens. In recent weeks, a number of nice articles ( here and here ) have appeared in the press about this new category of drinks. These are drinks that not only taste good, but also have a certain “function”. For example, think of ginger drinks where you can make delicious drinks and which also have an anti-inflammatory effect.
It is also important to note that in the United States it is allowed to
state health claims on labels, while in Europe this is often not allowed.
For us, taste is essential. If it also contains interesting herbs, that is of course a bonus! In addition to ginger-based drinks such as Sapinca , Paulies and Gimber , we also have other elixirs with benefits. For example, we have the elixirs of Three Spirit and Solbrü .