The 5 best non-alcoholic rosé wines

Alcoholvrije rosé proeven

ALT – Sparkling organic rosé
ALT sparkling rose
This rosé is made with Tempranillo grapes from the La Mancha region in Spain. It is a balanced non-alcoholic sparkling wine with notes of strawberries and watermelon.

La Vie en Zéro - rosé
Non-alcoholic rose from La Vie en Zero
We are ready for the sun with this wonderfully fresh rosé from Merlot grapes. These grapes from French Bordeaux have been treated with special attention on the vine. Great with a salad, or just on its own.

Kolonne Null - Provence rosé
Alcohol-free rosé from Kolonne Null
A beautiful rosé made from Merlot and Muscat grapes. Smooth, mineral and fresh. A rosé as we are used to from Provence. Pair it with Mediterranean dishes. A savoir vivre!

Eins Zwei Zero - rosé
Enjoy a glass of non-alcoholic rosé
In the Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Rosé you will find notes of rosehip, sour rhubarb and raspberry in both the smell and the taste. An uplifting harmonious summer wine. Very pleasant to give again. Delicious with a salad, pasta or poultry from the BBQ

Chateau del ISH -sparkling rosé
Alcohol-free sparkling rosé from ISH is poured
This fresh sparkling rosé will always make you happy. The light pink color hints at the notes of strawberry, raspberry and plum. A successful balance between a fuller rose flavor and a dry, fresh and sour aftertaste.