Dry January

Genieten van een mocktail
The holidays are over again. The new year 2024 brings new opportunities and experiences. It is an excellent opportunity to try new things and develop a fresh perspective. Dry January offers such an opportunity. A period in which we ignore alcohol for a while and give our body and mind the chance to relax. A unique opportunity to experience how special a period without alcohol can be.

At World of NIX we provide the most delicious drinks. These can help you enjoy a nice drink during a drink, dinner or party during Dry January. It also offers you the opportunity to discover new flavors over several weeks. Whether you make your own drinks or opt for non-alcoholic wines , bubbles or cocktails .

We see an alcohol-free period, such as Dry January, as a great opportunity to give your body and mind some breathing space. We also believe it is an opportunity to discover how good non-alcoholic drinks are today. This might even inspire you to cut back on alcohol for the rest of 2024.

During Dry January you are very welcome in our liquor stores in Haarlem, Amsterdam and online. We are ready to advise you on the best drinks.

Whatever your experience with Dry January, we'd love to hear your story at hello@worldofnix.com