Chenin Blanc

De alcoholvrije witte wijn Cognato Chenin Blanc
The Cognato Chenin Blanc is a special white wine from the Coastal Region of South Africa , an area known for its exceptional white wines. The grapes for this wine grow in dry, low-yielding vineyards, which ensures a concentrated flavor. The proximity to the ocean offers a long and cool growing season, resulting in refined flavors. Due to the dry, cool conditions, production remains limited, which benefits quality. Cognato works with Fairtrade certified growers, reflecting their commitment to sustainable practices.

The wine is made from fully ripe grapes, which are destemmed and gently pressed to extract the juice. After overnight settling and clarification of the juice, it is inoculated with cultivated yeast and undergoes a slow fermentation at 12 to 14°C, which contributes to a pleasant mouthfeel. After fermentation, the wine rests on the lees for three weeks, which increases its complexity. Thanks to a carefully designed vacuum spinning cone process, the alcohol is gently removed, preserving the integrity of the wine. The result is a fresh and fruity wine, with seductive notes of citrus and freshly cut grass. With its sugar content of 2.0g/100ml, the Cognato Chenin Blanc is an excellent choice with seafood, chicken dishes or as a refreshing drink before dinner.

All this makes the Cognato Chenin Blanc a unique wine that feels like a regular wine, even without the alcohol, as highlighted by David Sommestad of Sommestad & Malmnäs. The wine stands out with flavors of tropical fruits and citrus, and has a lower sugar content than is usual for non-alcoholic wines, which contributes to a fresh tasting experience.