Pinot Gris

De alcoholvrije witte wijn, Pinot Gris van Giesen
Pinot Gris is a grape variety that can naturally produce a wide diversity of wine styles depending on the region where it is grown and the winemaking techniques used. As a mutation of Pinot Noir, the Pinot Gris grape often exhibits unique pink to gray skin. The grape is known to produce full-bodied wines with rich aromas of ripe fruits such as apple, pear, and sometimes tropical fruits, as well as floral notes. In cooler climates, Pinot Gris tends towards a more mineral and austere style, while in warmer regions it can produce richer and sometimes even slightly sweet wines.

The Giesen 0% Pinot Gris from New Zealand is an example of how modern technologies can capture the essence of traditional wine styles in an alcohol-free variant. Made from premium full-bodied Pinot Gris, Giesen uses an advanced spinning cone technology to first gently remove the aromas and then the alcohol, while retaining the characteristic scent. The result is an aromatically expressive, fresh and refreshing non-alcoholic wine that retains the traditional characteristics of Pinot Gris, with delicate floral notes, white flowers, lychee and red apple on the nose, and flavors of apple and pear with a hint of muscat on the palette ​​​​.

This approach allows wine lovers to enjoy the distinctive flavors of Pinot Gris without the effects of alcohol, making it an excellent choice for a variety of occasions, from dinner at home to an evening out with friends or family. Furthermore, with only 23 calories per 125ml serving, Giesen 0% Pinot Gris offers a healthier alternative to traditional wines, adding to its appeal for those who are conscious of their calorie intake.