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Amersfoort will have an alcohol-free liquor store where you can also taste.

The solution for pregnant women, the Bob and people who simply don't drink alcohol or drink less alcohol: Slijterij Nix & Nix. After Haarlem, Heerhugowaard and Amsterdam, Amersfoort is the next city to have an alcohol-free liquor store!

The owner of the non-alcoholic liquor store is Wim Boekema. He started as a webshop a few years ago, but is now opening his fourth building. “I discovered that there are really good non-alcoholic drinks. But they are just hard to find,” says Wim. “So I started collecting them and selling them online through our webshop. In Haarlem I started a liquor store, where you can taste the drinks before you buy them. Now there is also a liquor store coming to Amersfoort.”

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