An alcohol-free rosé for every season

Alcoholvrije rosé drinken

Who says the charm of rosé is limited to the summer months? At World of NIX we believe that a good glass of non-alcoholic rosé can bring a dose of sunshine at any time. Whether you are looking for a rosé to accompany your dinner or simply want to enjoy the spring sun, our collection is ready for you.

Discover Your Perfect Non-Alcohol Rosé Our selection of rosé wines offers something for everyone. From the subtle sweetness of strawberries to the refreshing effervescence of Tempranillo.

  • ALT sparkling rosé : Taste the sun in every bubble with our Tempranillo rosé from La Mancha, Spain. This alcohol-free sparkling rosé combines strawberries and watermelon into perfect harmony.

  • La Vie en Zéro rosé : The French Bordeaux region provides us with a Merlot rosé that excels in freshness. Ideal with a light salad or to enjoy solo, this wine brings French savoir-vivre to your glass.

  • Kolonne Null Provence rosé : Our Merlot and Muscat blend is reminiscent of a sunny day in Provence. Smooth, mineral and refreshing, it is the ideal partner for Mediterranean dishes.

  • Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Rosé : With notes of rosehip, rhubarb and raspberry, this rosé offers an uplifting blend that goes perfectly with a summer salad, pasta or a BBQ evening.

  • ISH Chateau del ISH Sparkling rosé : Our fresh sparkling rosé will bring a smile to your face with its light pink tones and hints of strawberry, raspberry and plum. A perfect balance between richness and a fresh aftertaste.

Non-alcoholic rosé wines are versatile and offer a touch of summer for every season. With World of NIX's carefully selected options you are guaranteed to find your new favorite. Discover our complete collection and be surprised by the world of rosé. Whether you choose a drink on the balcony or a full spring dinner, we have the perfect rosé for you.

Cheers to sunny days and delicious wines, Team NIX