Celebrate Spring with new French non-alcoholic wines

Alcoholvrije Franse wijnen van La Vie en Zero

With the arrival of spring, we proudly introduce three new pearls from France to our collection. From the rugged fields of Bordeaux to the idyllic landscapes of Bergerac-Duras, this selection embodies the essence of non-alcoholic French wine tradition.

A New Beginning with La Vie en Zéro Refresh your palette with the white Merlot from La Vie en Zéro , a wine that perfectly combines finesse and freshness. It's an elegant choice that elevates every moment, from a quiet afternoon in the garden to a refined dinner.

Sun-drenched Afternoons There's no spring without a glass of rosé in hand, and our new vibrant rosé from La Vie en Zero is just what you need for those balmy spring afternoons. With every sip you imagine yourself on a sun-drenched terrace in France , enjoying the moment.

Adventure with Sauv'Terre For red lovers, we introduce Sauv'Terre , a chilled red Merlot that is bursting with flavor. This wine takes you on an adventurous journey through the sunny French landscape, perfect for those looking for something unique.

Discover Your Favorite Having trouble choosing? Why not try one of our carefully curated packages ? This way you can enjoy the best that France has to offer and maybe even discover a new favorite .

At World of NIX we celebrate the arrival of spring with open arms and a glass of delicious French wine in hand. Discover our latest arrivals and be carried away by the stories each bottle has to tell. Cheers to a season full of new discoveries and memorable moments.

Celebrate spring, Team NIX