Halfway through Dry January: Keep celebrating with World of NIX!

Genieten van een mocktail

Hurrah! You're already halfway through Dry January. At World of NIX we continue to keep the party spirit going with an ever-growing collection of exquisite non-alcoholic drinks. Are you ready to join us in toasting all that is yet to come?

A Day Full of NIX – Pure Enjoyment With NIX, every day is a reason for a party! Start your morning with an invigorating ginger shot or an elegant Saboritz Spumante Mimosa . Continue your day with Saicho's refined Sparkling Teas at lunch – a bubbly addition to your light meal. And the drinks? It will be unforgettable with our indistinguishable G&Ts .

When evening falls and it's time for dinner, pour yourself a glass of Ohne Kater Pinot Gris and enjoy the perfect combination with a creamy pasta. End your day with a Three Spirit Nightcap , the ultimate drink to relax and dream away.

Winter Warm The cold has us in its grip, but we have the perfect solution to warm you from the inside. Our non-alcoholic Mulled Wine is just as cozy and comforting as the traditional version. And if you're craving something a little richer, try a non-alcoholic rum shot in your hot chocolate. Let the winter rage, with NIX you will stay nice and warm.

Every day of Dry January is a new opportunity to enjoy delicious flavors and warm moments, even during the coldest days. We at World of NIX are here to celebrate every step of this journey with you – cheers to the many wonderful moments to come!

Kind regards, Team NIX