Create the perfect dinner with our Wine-Food Menu

Alcoholvrije bubbel met bijpassend gerecht

A delicious meal is only truly complete with the perfect drink. At World of NIX we understand this better than anyone and that is why we invite you to dive into our specially composed wine and food menu . Discover the ideal combinations that take every bite to the next level.

The Aperitif: Start with Bubbles Every dinner deserves a sparkling start and what could be better than a bubbly aperitif to awaken the taste buds? Choose the refreshing Acala Sparkling Tea Spritz Style , an alcohol-free drink with subtle hints of grapefruit and blood orange, for a fruity opening to the evening. Or treat your guests to a glass of Saboritz Spumante , made from the finest prosecco grapes from Italy, for an elegant start.

Main course: Gnista Red French Style When it's time for the main course, let Gnista Red French Style lead you on a culinary adventure. This Swedish ' not wine ' is the perfect accompaniment to roasted pointed cabbage or other delicious grilled vegetables. The combination of ripe red berries, soft tannins, and a hint of spice sublimely compliments the rich, roasted flavors of your dish.

An Italian Touch with Gnista Red And for an evening with an Italian twist, theGnista Red Italian Style offers a harmonious addition to a homemade pizza from the wood-fired oven. This drink brings the authentic flavors of your pizza to life and provides an unforgettable dining experience.

At World of NIX we are passionate about the art of combining food and drink. Our wine and food menu has been carefully composed to enrich your dinner evenings with perfectly balanced flavors. Experiment, enjoy, and discover your personal favorites.

Cheers to delicious combinations, Team NIX