Discover the art of Gin

Alcoholvrije gin & tonic met Rebels 0.0%

At World of NIX we invite you on an extraordinary journey through the fascinating world of gin . An adventure where every sip tells a story, driven by innovation, tradition and a spectrum of flavors waiting to be discovered.

A World Full of Flavor Gin is much more than a drink; it is a canvas for creativity. The unique combination of botanicals gives each gin its own unmistakable character. From the invigorating freshness of citrus to the deep, earthy notes of spice, our carefully selected collection highlights the rich diversity of this distillate.

Innovation in Every Drop At World of NIX we are particularly fascinated by the groundbreaking innovations in the distillation process. Take Rebels 0.0% for example, who distill their botanicals twice to reveal a complexity and depth of flavors that delight your senses. A harmonious blend of old and new, this process ensures that every sip of their gin is a rich, authentic experience.

A Spectrum of Taste Whether you lean towards the powerful, classic notes of aLondon Botanical Spirit from ISH , or are surprised by the fresh, fruity notes of an Abstinence Cape Citrus , there is always a gin that suits your taste. And for the adventurous among us, discover the salty sensations of coastal-inspired gins like Pentire Adrift , which transport you straight to the rugged coastlines with every sip.

At World of NIX it is our mission to introduce you to the versatile world of gin. Whether you are a seasoned gin connoisseur or new to this rich tradition, we invite you to expand your palate and find your ideal gin. Take the gin taste test on our website and start your journey of discovery today.

Cheers to the art of gin, Team NIX