Discover the Botanical Magic of Three Spirit Elixirs

Ontdek de Botanische Magie van Three Spirit Elixers - World of NIX

In the enchanting world of non-alcoholic drinks, the British team at Three Spirit are bringing something truly unique to the market. Their philosophy? Don't imitate flavors, but create completely new botanical wonders.

A New Look at Elixirs Three Spirit distinguishes itself by not only being a pleasure for the senses, but also by the addition of age-old herbs and natural ingredients known for their beneficial effects on well-being and mood. Each drink is a little magic potion, a celebration of life with every sip.

Nocturnal Enchantment: The Dream Maker A showpiece from their range is the Nightcap , better known as The Dream Maker. This soft, rich elixir is a masterpiece, perfect for creating an alcohol-free Old Fashioned that gently transports you to dreamland, thanks to the soothing Valerian.

Wine, But Different And let's not forget the Blurred Vines - Spark and Sharp . These innovative alternatives to wine will surprise you with their unique character and are a source of vitamin D, ideal for the dark winter months.

Three Spirit offers more than just a drink; it is an experience that goes beyond taste. It invites you to discover, enjoy and even dream a little. Are you ready to be enchanted by the magic of Three Spirit?

With magical regards, Team NIX