Dry January: Why stop after January?

Alcoholvrije rode wijn van Kolonne Null wordt gedronken

Dry January is a wonderful start to the new year, but why should the fun stop once the month is over? Make 2024 your year of new discoveries and shared moments, starting with a Dry 2024 evening!

Homely Coziness Imagine an evening filled with laughter, cooking and enjoyment with friends. A multi-course dinner where each course is accompanied by a carefully selected non-alcoholic wine from our collection. Or how about a 'Do It Yourself' cocktail workshop where everyone can show off their mixology skills by mixing up a favorite drink for each other? The possibilities are endless and guaranteed to be memorable.

Culinary Adventure Outdoors Would you rather have a night out? No problem! We've put together a list of fantastic food and drink establishments where our drinks are on the menu. Enjoy a refined sparkling tea at Rijks, experience the best non-alcoholic cocktails at Chez Nina, or dive into the world of German wine pairings at Scheepskameel. For more inspiration, check out the list on our blog.

Sabospritz : Sparkling at Every Moment Do you already have a favorite cocktail? Whether you are enjoying the sun on a terrace or warming up after a day in the snow, a Spritz is always suitable. Let us introduce you to the Sabospritz: a mix of Italian Spumante and spicy rosemary Aperitif, a new favorite among enthusiasts. Discover the recipe and be surprised by the fresh flavors.

Dry January may be over, but the journey of discovery certainly isn't. Let 2024 be the year you discover new flavors, gain new experiences and, above all, share unforgettable moments with loved ones. Cheers to a year full of surprises and alcohol-free pleasures!

Kind regards, Team NIX