Shake it up: The Dry January challenge!

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January is all about new possibilities and at World of NIX we love a good challenge. With Dry January in full swing, we challenge you to unleash your inner bartender and experiment with our delicious non-alcoholic drinks.

Dare to Discover It's time to mix, match and create magic in your own kitchen. Grab your shaker and choose from our selection of non-alcoholic spirits to show off your personal cocktail skills. Have you come up with a beautiful drink? Fantastic! Share your creation with us via email or on social media and inspire others with your mixology skills.

Competition Alert! Keep following our social media channels, because we will soon have a fantastic competition that fits in perfectly with this challenge. Keep your eyes open, stay tuned and be surprised!

Signature Cocktails Whether you choose a spicy G'nger Mojito or an elegant Social Elixir Light & Stormy , put your own twist on the classics. Our Shake Dry January package , with four different spirits, is your ticket to discover what your 'signature' cocktail will be. Start shaking!

Perfect Food Pairing And if you are looking for the perfect culinary combo, check out our menu with the finest non-alcoholic drinks that go hand in hand with delicious dishes. Whether you combine the rich notes of Cognato Red with an earthy beet dish or serve the fresh Ara Sauvignon Blanc alongside a delicate fish dish, your taste buds will thank you.

Make Dry January a culinary celebration and a voyage of discovery of flavors with World of NIX. Share your adventures, your creations and of course, enjoy every delicious alcohol-free moment.

Cheers to your journey of discovery, Team NIX