Discover the sparkling world of sparkling tea

Sparkling tea van Acala

Are you ready for a new drinking experience that will stimulate and surprise your senses? Introducing Sparkling Tea , an innovative creation that combines the rich traditions of tea with the vibrancy of bubbles.

A Unique Blend Sparkling Tea is more than a drink; it is a culinary journey. By mixing fine tea with the vibrant freshness of bubbles, a refined taste experience is created. The traditional base of green or black tea often gets an extra dimension through the addition of herbs and botanicals, making every sip a discovery.

Acala: Innovators from Lithuania One of the pioneers in this field is Acala , from beautiful Lithuania. Acala knows how to perfectly balance natural flavors such as grapefruit and red berries with a spicy undertone. Their approach is not only innovative, but also undeniably tasteful. Dive into the story behind Acala and be inspired by their fresh take on Sparkling Tea.

A New Look at Mimosa Looking for something truly unique for your next brunch? Then try Acala's Mimosa-style Sparkling Tea . This drink offers the fruity freshness of a classic Mimosa, but surprises with the complexity and depth of Sparkling Tea. A guaranteed hit that makes every gathering special.

Whether you are looking for a refined companion for your dinner or something special for festive days, Sparkling Tea offers a world of possibilities. At World of NIX we are proud of our range of these enchanting drinks. Let yourself be taken on a vibrant voyage of discovery and find your new favorite Sparkling Tea.

Cheers to innovation and refinement, Team NIX