Dry January Special: Discover the story behind Gnista and Rebels 0.0%

Alcoholvrije merk Gnista

In the spirit of Dry January, we would like to introduce you to two revolutionary brands that are turning the alcohol-free world upside down: Gnista and Rebels 0.0%. They both have a special story and a passion for taste that will stimulate your senses.

Gnista – Where Complex Flavors Are King Gnista's journey started with an ambition: to create completely new drinking experiences, flavors so rich and complex that you won't believe there isn't a drop of alcohol in them. Their range, ranging from the ' Not Wines ' to their signature ' Barreled Oak ', is an ode to the natural wealth of herbs, fruit and botanical elements.

Rebels 0.0% – The Friendly Alternative Rebels 0.0% was born from a desire for a high-quality alternative for that last drink of the evening. Their mission is clear: to transform 80% of traditional cocktails into non-alcoholic masterpieces. Their double distillation method enhances every aroma, creating a unique taste that has to be experienced to be believed.

So whether you're curious about Gnista's innovative approach or Rebels' classic twist, we have something special for you this Dry January. Discover these pearls for yourself and experience how alcohol-free can be just as enchanting.

Cheers to new flavors and fresh discoveries, Team NIX