Non-alcoholic champagne and prosecco alternatives

Genieten van alcoholvrije champagne

There's nothing like the festive feeling of sparkling wines . At World of NIX we take this experience to a new level with our selection of non-alcoholic champagne and prosecco alternatives . Prepare for a deep dive into the process that makes these sparkling gems possible.

The secret behind the bubbles
Our sparkling wines undergo a careful process in which the alcohol is carefully removed, after which the essential carbon dioxide is added. Thanks to the advanced vacuum distillation technique, the delicate fruity and floral notes are fully preserved. The result is a range of sparkling drinks that can light up any occasion with their festive bubbles.

Time for bubbles
Now that the days are getting longer and the sun is showing its warm face, there is no better time to toast life. Whether you're planning a picnic in the park or a relaxing drink on the balcony, our top 5 best bubbly drinks are ready to make your weekend unforgettable.

A Toast with Elegant Rosé Bubbles
Discover the refined taste of our ALT Rosé Bubble , from the juicy Tempranillo grape from the sun-drenched La Mancha region in Spain. Low in calories but high in flavor, these bubbly are a sophisticated choice for any occasion, from an intimate gathering to a grand celebration.

Dive deeper into the world of non-alcoholic sparkling wines with World of NIX and discover your perfect bubble for every moment. Visit our blog for more background information and be inspired to create your own festive moments with our beautiful selection of bubbles.

Cheers to sparkling moments, Team NIX