January Is the new festive season!

Alcoholvrije bubbel van Saboritz

Who says January has to be a month of silence and dullness? Certainly not at World of NIX! Dry January is the perfect time to celebrate life, cozy at home with a glass of our excellent non-alcoholic wine or perhaps with a home-mixed cocktail during a danceable house party.

Every day offers new reasons to toast – yes, even without alcohol! Our tips and tricks are your secret weapon to make Dry January a month you won't soon forget. And we're not just about the drinks – it's a complete guide to sparkling days and sparkling nights.

Get to know the Team Favorites Take a look behind the scenes and discover our team's favorites. Luke is addicted to the mix of Abstinence Blood Orange and ALT Blanc de Blancs – his go-to drink after a day of winter escapades. Frederike goes for the Giesen Merlot , a beautiful non-alcoholic red wine that takes every dinner to a higher level. And Noor? You can wake him up for an Acala Sparkling Tea . From the heart of Lithuania comes this versatile selection that offers something special every moment.

Your Daily Kick-Start Start your day with an energy boost from our secret ingredient: the ginger shot . Powerful, refreshing and so full of spice that you won't even miss your morning coffee!

Dry January is here and it's time to dispel the myth that you can't have fun without alcohol. At World of NIX we know exactly how to make every day a party. So raise a glass, share your favorite moments and kick-start your year in the most festive way!

Cheers to an energetic start to the year, Team NIX