World of NIX in the Spotlight

Alcoholvrije bubbel Saboritz Spumante gepresenteerd

The Dry January movement is in full swing and we are thrilled to see that the alcohol-free lifestyle is finding more and more followers. The enthusiasm is noticeable everywhere: from the press to the cheerful conversations in our own community.

In the Media It is encouraging to see how big the impact of Dry January is. With special mentions in Het Parool and on , it is clear that we are not the only ones who see the charm of a month without alcohol. The conversation is alive and as one reader noted: "Great that there are such fun options to join in."

International Success And the news travels far! From Germany to Japan, the alcohol-free trend is gaining international recognition. To celebrate this growing movement, we have something special for you. With our special Dry January offer, you will receive the sixth free when you purchase five bottles of premium Saboritz Spumante . This is the perfect time to celebrate the spread of an alcohol-free lifestyle worldwide!

Taste and Experience Are you ready to surprise your taste buds? Our carefully curated Dry January sample package is your ticket to a month full of new flavors and discoveries. It is the opportunity to taste and experiment with the richness that the world of non-alcoholic drinks has to offer.

Dry January is more than a trend; it is a new way of enjoying that is conquering the whole world. Join World of NIX and find your favorite non-alcoholic drink to celebrate this month (and beyond).

Cheers to the adventures ahead, Team NIX