Celebrate Easter in style with worldly non-alcoholic flavors

Alcoholvrije bubbel van ALT tijdens de paasbrunch

Spring has arrived, and with it the time for festive long weekends full of fun, such as Easter. Whether you're planning an extensive brunch, hosting a family dinner, or just enjoying being together, World of NIX has the perfect non-alcoholic drinks to make any occasion extra special.

Start the Day Sparkling: Start your Easter morning with a touch of elegance. An Acala Mimosa or a glass of Saboritz Spumante immediately creates a festive atmosphere. These refined non-alcoholic bubbles are ideal for toasting the beautiful moments.

Refreshment and spice: For those who love something refreshing with a spicy twist, our ginger drinks and kombuchas offer a unique taste sensation. They are not only delicious as an aperitif, but also perfect as a tasty break during the Easter egg hunt.

Dinner in Style: When it's time for dinner, choose the elegance of a Sparkling Tea or the fresh notes of a Sauvignon Blanc . These drinks perfectly complement your Easter meal and provide a harmonious balance with spring-inspired dishes.

Festive Easter cocktail: Spring Spritz Make Easter unforgettable this year with our special Spring Spritz . This cocktail, made with Abstinence Lemon Aperitif and ALT Blanc de Blancs , is like a spring breeze in your glass. With the freshness of just-picked lemons and effervescent bubbles, this is the perfect drink to celebrate the season.

Let World of NIX enrich your Easter with our carefully selected non-alcoholic drinks. From the first bubbles at brunch to the last sip at dinner, we have everything to make your Easter weekend a tasteful experience. Cheers to a sunny and joyful Easter!

Happy Easter, Team NIX