Your taste adventure starts at World of NIX

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Are you ready to surprise your taste buds and explore new horizons? World of NIX invites you to a taste adventure you won't soon forget. Whether your preference is fresh and fruity or deeply spicy and smoky, our non-alcoholic selection has something for everyone.

A Journey through Timeless Flavors Non-alcoholic cocktails are not a new invention; they have a rich history dating back to America's Prohibition in the 1920s. Even then, innovative bartenders created the first 'mocktails' as a creative alternative to alcoholic drinks. We continue this tradition of innovation and taste experience at World of NIX, but with our unique twist.

Classics with a Twist Dive into the timeless world of cocktails with our non-alcoholic versions of the classics. Whether you fancy the refreshing tartness of a Gin & Tonic , the deep notes of a Dark & ​​Stormy , or the sweet complexity of an Amaretti Sour , we have it all.

Become the Bartender Mixing Cocktails yourself is not only a pleasure for the taste, but also an enjoyable activity. Why not organize a cocktail evening with friends or family? On our website you will find various recipes to fill your evening with delicious creations. For example, try our Bitter Mary , a mix of spicy Three Spirit Elixir and raspberry tonic, for a unique taste experience.

The adventure of taste never stops at World of NIX. We encourage you to try, mix and discover your new favorite drink. Let every sip be a step on your journey through the rich world of non-alcoholic flavors.

Cheers to your discoveries, Team NIX