Lyre's - Amaretti Affogato

Discover the charming simplicity of Lyre's Amaretti Affogato. A delicious mix of freshly brewed espresso and creamy vanilla ice cream, finished with a dash of Lyre's Amaretti for that sweet almond touch. A refined pleasure that makes every moment special. Cheers to pure enjoyment.

    Lyre's - Amaretti Affogato


    • 45 ml espresso
    • Vanilla ice cream
    • 60 ml Lyre's Amaretti

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    Alcoholvrije amaretto van Lyre's

    Lyre's - Amaretti


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    Packshot alcoholvrije amaretti van Rebels 0.0%

    Rebels 0.0% - Sweet Amaretti


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      Let's make this cocktail

    • 1

      Brew a cup of espresso.

    • 2

      Scoop a scoop of vanilla ice cream into a dessert bowl or coupe.

    • 3

      Pour 60 ml of Lyre's Amaretti over the ice cream.

    • 4

      Pour 45 ml of espresso over the ice cream.