Martini Vibrante - Vivace Vivace

Discover the art of alcohol-free enjoyment with our Martini Vibrante & Vivace cocktail. An elegant mix that brightens up every drink. Be inspired and create this stylish drink yourself with the recipe on World of NIX. Perfect for sophisticated moments!
Martini Vibrante - Vivace Vivace


  • 50 ml Martini Vibrante
  • 50 ml Grapefruit juice
  • 100 ml Ginger Beer (Fever Tree)
  • 1 Passion fruit

    Let's make this cocktail

  • 1

    Fill a tall glass with ice

  • 2

    Cut the passion fruit in half.

  • 3

    Scoop out the pulp from one half and add it to the glass.

  • 4

    Pour 50 ml Martini Vibrante and 50 ml grapefruit juice into the glass

  • 5

    Top up the glass with 100 ml Ginger Beer (Fever Tree)

  • 6

    Stir gently in the glass

  • 7

    Garnish with the other half of the passion fruit