Sea & T

Taste the refreshing taste of the sea with our Sea-T, the ultimate non-alcoholic cocktail. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon or as a refreshing aperitif. Dive into the recipe on World of NIX and discover how to make this salty sensation yourself!
Sea & T


  • Large wine glass or tumbler
  • 50ml Sea Arch Coastal Juniper
  • 150ml premium tonic
  • Ice cubes
  • 2 cucumber slices
  • Basil leaf

    Let's make this cocktail

  • 1

    Pour 50ml Sea Arch Coastal Juniper over ice into the glass

  • 2

    Add 150ml premium tonic

  • 3

    Add the cucumber slices and stir gently with a spoon

  • 4

    Garnish with the basil leaf