Van Sha - Aromatic Spice & Ginger

Delight your senses with Van Sha in a vibrant non-alcoholic cocktail bursting with vibrant ginger flavors. Perfect for those moments when you are looking for refreshment with a spicy twist.

    Van Sha - Aromatic Spice & Ginger


    • 50 ml Aromatic Spice
    • 125 ml Ginger Ale (Fever Tree)
    • Garnish: apple slices with salt

      Let's make this cocktail

    • 1

      Fill the glass with ice (Highball glass).

    • 2

      Add 50 ml Aromatic Spice.

    • 3

      Add 125 ml Ginger Ale (Fever Tree).

    • 4

      Stir gently 1-2 times through the glass.

    • 5

      Garnish with apple slices sprinkled with some salt.