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Non-alcoholic bubbles. Vinada, made by the Dutch Jess. Tasty, fresh, bubbly and festive.



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Non-alcoholic wines from Vinada

At World of NIX

Our carefully curated collection focuses on taste and quality, with exclusive attention to the best non-alcoholic wines , sparkling creations and unique cocktails . Vinada , with its sparkling Dutch bubbles, is central to our collection for those looking for a luxurious, alcohol-free alternative. With options such as the Tinteling Tempranillo Rosé and Amazing Airén Gold , Vinada offers a refined taste experience for every occasion. Every product in our Vinada range is vegan, light and festive, ideal for toasting life.

But why limit yourself to just one brand? World of NIX offers a wide spectrum of tasty choices: Discover:

Non-alcoholic Red Wine : Full, rich and ready to surprise.
Non-alcoholic White Wine : Fresh, fruity and irresistibly tasty.
Non-alcoholic Rosé : Perfect for those relaxing moments.
Non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine : Celebrate life with every bubble.
And much more : From Glühwein to Vega wines, we have it all.
Use our handy filters to refine your preferences. Search by type of grape variety, brand or specialty. Quickly and easily find your perfect non-alcoholic wine that suits every moment.

Do you have an eye for the refined flavors of Vinada or are you curious about other brands in our range? At World of NIX, quality comes first. We ensure a smooth and safe delivery of your favorite non-alcoholic wines. Do you have any questions or could you use some advice? Our customer service is ready with a smile to help you make the best choice.

Experience the richness of non-alcoholic wines at Here, every sip is a discovery and every bottle a promise of pure enjoyment.