5 benefits of Dry January on your body & mind

5 benefits van Dry January op je lijf & geest - World of NIX
  1. Sleep like a baby
    Without alcohol you sleep deeper and wake up more rested. Goodbye sleep problems!
  2. Energy boost
    Living alcohol-free gives your body an energy boost. You feel fitter and can handle more. Great for your productivity.
  3. Crystal clear
    Say goodbye to blurry days. You think sharper and your concentration is top. In short, you are in a stronger position, both at home and at work.
  4. Get the glow
    Your skin will glow if you don't drink alcohol. Less dryness and a fresher complexion.
  5. Stay in shape
    Less alcohol also means fewer calories. There are up to 70% fewer calories in our drinks. Hello, easier weight loss and a healthier weight!