6 founder questions - Three Spirit

Een vrouw die een fles Three Spirit Nightcap in haar handen heeft.
We spoke with Lilley, the co-founder of the Three Spirit brand about their company and Dry January.

  1. “Can you share the story of how your company started? What sparked your passion for non-alcoholic beverages?”
    We are a team of people who love good times. We like a drink, but not always an alcoholic one. We saw something brewing a few years ago when non-alcoholic spirits and functional beverage trends were in their infancy. We saw an opportunity to address the social benefits of alcohol consumption by using functional ingredients in the NA space and interest has exploded from there.

  2. "What is the big dream and mission that drives your brand? How are these reflected in your products and corporate culture?"
    We want to offer drinkers a real choice, a real alternative to alcohol that isn't so much about compromise, but rather about fun. Our mission is to help people reduce their alcohol consumption and switch to the countless pleasures that our botanical elixirs can deliver in terms of new flavor profiles and tailored sensory benefits.

  3. “What do you think sets your non-alcoholic drinks apart from others available on the market?”
    We pride ourselves on creating unique liquids that do not attempt to mimic the flavors of well-known alcoholic spirits, but instead harness the power of plants to deliver complex mature blends that deliver beneficial effects. We have drinks that boost you, improve social connection or bring you back down to earth. There aren't many other NA drink ranges that can do this. Our mantra is why imitate something you can never be, better to be proud of what you are!

  4. "Do you have a personal favorite in your range of products? Which one and why is it a must-try?"
    Nightcap is the crown jewel because it is silky smooth, seductive, tasty and effective. It's super easy to drink because you can just pour it over ice and sip neatly. Three Spirit has a range of, you guessed it, three NA spirits, but it's also worth mentioning our Blurred Vines range; namely Sharp . This NA white wine alternative tastes divine and is refreshingly different from anything you've tried before. Full of vitamin D, so not bad for the dark winter nights...

  5. “Do you have any cool tips or advice for those doing Dry January and looking for tasty non-alcoholic options?”
    Set your intentions. You have to tell your brain what you want. Repeatedly. Finding your community is also important. If none of your friends or family are doing Dry January, there are sober-curious influencers or groups online to tap for advice and support. I would also really recommend trying some non-alcoholic options as they really enhance your experience, rather than feeling restricted or missing out. Drinking together is a social ritual, and a good quality alcohol alternative like Three Spirit that still provides a function means you don't miss that connection.

  6. “What's coming up? Anything exciting on the horizon for your brand?”
    Always. We still need to do some research and development on a third wine alternative to complete our Blurred Vines range, and we're excited about our drinks becoming increasingly available in stores across the US and UK. We are also continuously committed to maintaining our B-Corp status.