6 founder questions - Gnista

Gnista Barreled Oak wordt geserveerd
We spoke with Erika Ollén , the founder of the Gnista brand about her company and Dry January.

  1. “Can you share the story of how your company started? What sparked your passion for non-alcoholic beverages?”
    To me, great drinking experiences (with or without alcohol) should offer complexity, mouthfeel, and big flavor. With Gnista I wanted to show that non-alcoholic drinks don't have to be sweet or too mild, but just great!

  2. “What is the big dream and mission that drives your brand? How are these reflected in your products and company culture?”
    I want to deliver the best non-alcoholic drinks ever! Gnista is all about the drinking experience and the occasion. Gnista is all about the liquid. And when the liquid is in focus, craftsmanship, innovation and quality must be central.

  3. “What do you believe sets your non-alcoholic beverages apart from others on the market?”
    The Gnista drinks were the first on the market to be recommended to be served neat. They do not copy existing alcoholic drinks (as I believe that trying to copy taste but excluding alcohol will simply result in an inferior version of the alcoholic). Instead, they have their own unique flavor, but are certainly similar to red wines and spirits in complexity, length and mouthfeel!

  4. "Do you have a personal favorite in your range? Which one and why is it a must-try?"
    Gnista Floral Wormwood . Because every time I try it I am positively surprised. And because it is just as good as an aperitif on its own with lemon and ice, as well as used as a base for no/low cocktails. Bartenders even use it in a regular Gin Tonic to "add complexity and character".

  5. “Do you have any cool tips or advice for those doing Dry January and looking for tasty non-alcoholic options?”
    Check out the website and Instagram feeds of Gnista and other non-alcohol brands. There are LOTS of tips for non-alcoholic cocktails. Also, mix the different brands to find your favorite.

  6. “What's new? What's exciting on the horizon for your brand?”
    This spring we will bring the Red non-wines in cans and launch across Europe. The Italian one will be "Lambrusco style", i.e. slightly effervescent. It's really delicious!