About Non-Alcoholic Drinks/Liquor

Over Alcoholvrije Borrel/Sterke Drank

When we tasted our first non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic we looked at each other with a big smile. The smell, taste and experience of the drink were superb. 😁

We have done our best to find the best and widest range of alternative Gins, Rums, Aperitifs, Whiskeys, Vodkas etc. The great thing is that every brand has its own story, recipe and taste. We have found brands in America, Sweden, South Africa, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, England, Ireland and many more places.

In addition to "mix" drinks such as gins, we have also found a number of very special products that are completely independent. These are great alternatives during a drink or after a nice dinner. They often have 75% fewer calories than whiskey, but more calories than, for example, an alcohol-free gin. Gnista, Three Spirits and Lyre's have very nice products in this range.

We are very curious about your experience. Share your experience on instagram and tag us or email your experience to hello@nixennix.com.