The entrepreneur

Wim Boekema en Frederike de Groot, drijvende krachten achter Nix en Nix. Foto: Saskia Berdernis van Berlekom

Alcohol-free liquor store Nix & Nix successful without a hangover afterwards

Alcohol or no alcohol? In any case, it makes no difference to the experience of 'wanting to have a drink'. At least, if we are to believe Wim Boekema and Frederike de Groot, driving forces behind the first non-alcoholic liquor store in the Netherlands.

Nix & Nix, is the name of Boekema and De Groot's shop. Especially men and women between the ages of 35 and 50 know how to find the special liquor store, says founder Boekema to the AD. “This is because these people generally want to drink less and get more out of their week. You are already so busy and a hangover is really not convenient. We also see a lot of elderly people who don't want to drink at all."

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