Explore the spicy world of ginger cocktails

Wat je allemaal kan maken met gemberdrank Sapinca

Are you ready to make your taste buds dance with the exciting flavors of ginger? At World of NIX we introduce a range of ginger drinks that are both spicy and healthy. Discover the versatility of ginger, from powerful shots to refined cocktails.

Discover Sapinca and More Our ginger drinks are not only bursting with antioxidants, but also offer an exotic flavor that can brighten up any cocktail evening . A top brand in this category is Sapinca , famous for their historical roots dating back to the time of the Incas. Their Root Elixir combines ginger with ten other powerful root varieties for a unique taste experience.

Less Sugar, More Taste For health-conscious drinkers we have the Gimber Brut . This special blend contains 50% less sugar and is enriched with premium yuzu and lemon thyme, offering a refreshing yet robust taste that's perfect for any occasion.

Turmeric Meets Ginger Paulie's Turmeric Elixir is another innovative creation in which ginger and turmeric come together to form an earthy, slightly spicy drink. This elixir is perfect for those looking for a full-flavored health boost.

Cocktail Suggestion: G'nger Mojito No ginger drink discussion is complete without a cocktail recipe. Our G'nger Mojito offers a spicy twist on the classic Mojito. Perfectly balanced between sweet and spicy, this is a cocktail you should definitely try. Make it at home for yourself or give it as a tasty gift to someone who loves unique flavors.

At World of NIX we believe in celebrating unique flavors and healthy choices. Our collection of ginger drinks offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for an invigorating kick or a healthy sip.

Cheers to health and delicious flavors, Team NIX