Wine Wonderland: Discover your favorite winter wine.

Wijn Wonderland: Ontdek jouw favoriete winterse wijn. - World of NIX

Is there anything better than treating yourself to a glass of perfect non-alcoholic wine ? At World of NIX we have put together a fascinating range of the finest non-alcoholic wines, especially for you. From the fruity depths of the Giesen Merlot to the fresh heights of the Ara Sauvignon Blanc , there is a world of flavors to explore.

Red Riches For red lovers, we offer the best-selling Giesen Merlot , known for its fruity flair, and the Cognato Red from South Africa , with its unique smoky touch. Both wines promise a tasteful journey and a refined experience with every sip.

White Wonders Do you lean more towards white? Then be enchanted by the floral notes of the Ara Sauvignon Blanc or the invigorating freshness of the Ohne Kater Pinot Gris . Each bottle is a window into the diverse world of wine flavors, ready to make any occasion special.

Winter Vineyards Interestingly enough, grapevines go dormant during the cold winter months, allowing them to come back stronger for the new growing season. This time is used by winegrowers for pruning, crucial for a successful harvest. Take Weingut Apel in the picturesque Moselle Valley; here the winter calm transforms the vineyards into a serene, almost fairytale-like scene.

Tasting and Discovering Can't choose or do you simply want to experience the magic of these wines yourself? Then visit one of our liquor stores in Haarlem or Amsterdam for a tasting. Are you organizing something special for a group? Then book a tasting on location or with us for an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are a seasoned wine connoisseur or just curious about new flavors, at World of NIX there is a wine waiting for you to discover. Let us be your guide into this rich, alcohol-free wine world.

Cheers to the discovery of your favorite wine, Team NIX