5 wine-food tips for Dry January dinners

5 wijn-spijs tips voor Dry January diners - World of NIX
  1. Saboritz Spumante & Light Salad
    This smooth bubble, made from the prosecco grape, is the perfect companion to a fresh salad. The notes of pear and green apple pair perfectly with a crunchy mix of green leaves, fresh herbs, and perhaps some roasted nuts or fruit. Also goes great with lobster or shellfish if you fancy something from the sea!
  2. Cognato Red & Beet Wellington
    This mix of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cinsault grapes tastes excellent in combination with hearty vegetarian dishes such as a Beet Wellington. This South African is also a perfect match with grilled meat or vegetarian options.
  3. Giesen New Zealand Merlot & Tapas
    An expressive wine that goes well with tapas or hard cheeses such as Manchego and Pecorino. This smooth New Zealander is also delicious with chicken, pork and veal.
  4. Ara Zero Sauvignon Blanc & Chicken Tropical
    This full-bodied New Zealander with tropical notes is at its best in the company of chicken with exotic fruit, fish or seafood. It is also a great accompaniment to fruity desserts such as lemon tart or passion fruit pavlova.
  5. Saicho Hojicha & Sushi
    Looking for something completely different? The notes of Nori seaweed, roasted hazelnut and a delicate smoky flavor make the Hojicha Sparkling Tea the perfect match for sushi. But this special tea also makes a nice combination with mushroom risotto.

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