Spring menu

Heerlijke eten perfect passend bij alcoholvrije rosé


Avocado crab tartare with mango salsa :
Fresh avocado and crab combined with sweet mango salsa. This light and fruity combination fits seamlessly with the fresh notes of the Ara Sauvignon Blanc .

Roasted beet carpaccio with goat cheese and walnut :
Thinly sliced ​​roasted beets with a topping of goat cheese and walnuts, finished with a balsamic glaze. The earthy flavors complement the rich notes of the Acala White Wine Style .

White asparagus with hollandaise sauce :
Classically prepared white asparagus served with hollandaise sauce and a soft-boiled egg, enhanced by the subtle taste of the Apel Riesling .

Smoked trout fillet on wild herb salad :
Lightly smoked trout on a bed of mixed herbs, dressed in a lemon dressing. This dish highlights the aromatic depth of theAmbijus Clearly Confused .

Marinated salmon carpaccio :
Salmon carpaccio marinated in dill and lemon, ideal in combination with the slightly sour and fresh notes of the Abstinence Lemon Aperitif in combination with the alcohol-free prosecco from ALT Blanc de Blancs .

Asian ginger chicken salad :
Chicken and fresh vegetables in a ginger-lime dressing, a spicy and refreshing choice that goes well with the spicy G'nger Pure .


Main dish:

Lemon risotto with grilled green asparagus :
Creamy risotto with a hint of lemon and grilled asparagus, perfectly balanced with the Saboritz Spumante .

Grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers :
Marinated in dried mint and oil, a vibrant choice that compliments the ALT Sparkling Organic Rosé .

Goat cheese polenta with roasted cherry tomatoes :
Soft polenta enriched with goat cheese, next to sweet cherry tomatoes and basil oil, a dish that perfectly matches the freshness of the Giesen Sauvignon Blanc .

Roasted portobello mushrooms with garlic-herb quinoa :
A savory and filling choice that goes well with the slightly chilled Sauv'Terre Red .

Grilled sea bass with fennel and lemon :
The subtle sea bass with fennel forms an ideal combination with the Giesen New Zealand Pinot Gris .

Roasted salmon fillet with spicy seasonal vegetables :
The rich taste of the salmon is perfectly complemented by the fruity La Vie and Zero Rosé .


Fresh strawberries with basil and balsamic drops :
A simple, yet elegant dessert that enhances the Acala Mimosa .

Vanilla panna cotta with lychee compote :
A soft panna cotta next to lychee compote, a refined combination with the Saicho Jasmine .

Lemon-basil sorbet with fresh raspberries :
Fresh and light, this sorbet pairs perfectly with the La Vie En Zero Wit .

Green apple sorbet with fresh mint :
The freshness of the apple and mint emphasizes the vibrant notes of the " It's Always Spring" Kombucha .

Chocolate fondant with red fruit coulis :
Rich chocolate with a fruity coulis, a decadent match with the Moderato Blanc de Noir .