6 founder questions Dry January - Rebels

Alcoholvrije Rebels Malt Blend wordt gebruikt voor een cocktail
We spoke with Christof and Janick, the founders of the Rebels brand, about their company and Dry January.

  1. “Can you share the story of how your company started? What sparked your passion for non-alcoholic beverages?”
    It was one of those "just one too many" evenings where Christof and I thought there must be something to skip the last "gin & tonic", but at the time (2020) good non-alcoholic drinks were difficult or almost impossible to find in Switzerland. So we changed that.

  2. “What is the big dream and mission that drives your brand? How are these reflected in your products and company culture?”
    Everyone should be able to make the same cocktails, with or without alcohol. Our goal is that 80% of the drinks are possible with REBELS 0.0%. We're almost there 😉

  3. “What do you believe sets your non-alcoholic beverages apart from others on the market?”
    Our production process. As boring as it sounds, it's the little things that make the difference. REBELS 0.0% is truly 0.0% (compared to <0.5% of most other non-alcoholic products) and we distill our key ingredients twice for greater flavor complexity and long-lasting aroma. That's why bartenders love our products.

  4. "Do you have a personal favorite in your range? Which one and why is it a must-try?"
    Although « Dolce Spritz » and « Sweet Amaretti » are usually the most sought after products, I go for the Gin and not because it is also one of the main categories, but because we have been working on the Gin recipe since the beginning. For us it is the most complex product from a production point of view and after a relaunch of the recipe in 2023, we are now very proud of what the product offers. I toast any time of the day with a REBELS 0.0% Basil Smash.

  5. “Do you have any cool tips or advice for those doing Dry January and looking for tasty non-alcoholic options?”
    While 0.0% beer and wine work well as they are (neat), non-alcoholic spirits or aperitifs need a solid recipe to taste the way they are intended. So my tip would be to take the time to look up a tasty recipe. My favorite at the moment: A whiskey sour with our Malt Blend.

  6. “What's planned? Anything exciting on the horizon for your brand?”
    We are working on a Christmas special for 2024 (worldwide novelty). It didn't work in 2023, so fingers crossed it will work out in 2024 😊