6 founder questions Dry January - Acala

genieten van een Acala Spritz Style op de scooter
We spoke with Martynas Žemavičius, the founder of the Acala brand about his company and Dry January.

  1. “Can you share the story of how your company started? What sparked your passion for non-alcoholic beverages?”
    After two decades in the fine wine industry in London, my wife and I received the exciting news of her pregnancy. Suddenly, our love for enjoying fine wines and champagnes took a backseat, leaving us longing for a range that was not only well presented, but also imbued with a wholesome and stylish appeal, similar to high-end wines. After exploring the market extensively in 2015 and not finding anything that really resonated with our taste buds, life presented us with a fantastic opportunity to create a drink that suits our own preferences.

  2. “What is the big dream and mission that drives your brand? How are these reflected in your products and company culture?”
    Acala's mission is to provide people worldwide, at different stages of their lives, who choose not to consume fine wine, with premium non-alcoholic alternatives. These alternatives are designed to resemble fine wines in both appearance and taste. Achieving this goal requires our entire team to adopt a premium product mindset, have an unwavering attention to detail and foster a genuine love for gastronomy. Together we aim to redefine the experience of refined non-alcoholic beverages, aimed at those who appreciate the finer things in life without compromising on taste or quality.

  3. “What do you believe sets your non-alcoholic beverages apart from others on the market?”
    At Acala, we create a distinctive image, moving seamlessly from the quiet luxury of our wine range to the vibrant, modern artistry of our cocktail offerings. However, what really sets us apart is its refined taste that reflects the sophistication of fine wines and classic cocktails. Remarkably, our creations are not only a sensory delight, but also stand out because they are 100% natural, organic and inherently healthy. We pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled experience that seamlessly combines luxury, creativity and a commitment to wellbeing.

  4. "Do you have a personal favorite in your range of products? Which one and why is it a must-try?"
    My personal favorite is the Red Wine Style , inspired by the excellent red wines of the Burgundy region, in particular the village of Vosne Romanee. This area, known for producing the world's most elegant and refined wines from Pinot Noir grapes, served as the inspiration for Acala Rood. Our creation, which reflects this style, stands out as the most complicated, with a blend of 17 different ingredients and partial maturation in a variety of wine and whiskey barrels. To make my wife happy, there is always at least one bottle of Acala Red at our house ;)

  5. “Do you have any great tips or advice for people doing Dry January and looking for tasty non-alcoholic options?”
    Acala drinks are made with the same style, acidity and sweetness as dry wines, making them perfect for a variety of dishes. Try the Rosé with grilled shrimp or sashimi. De Witte goes well with creamy mushroom risotto, fish & chips or matured hard cheese. Meanwhile, the Red one steals the show with duck, blue cheese or vegetarian stir-fry dishes. It's a culinary adventure without the hangover! Cheers to delicious combinations!

  6. “What's planned? Are there any exciting developments on the horizon for your brand?”
    Hopefully our Dutch friends will soon be able to enjoy our latest creation, the "Mimosa style", which has already won the hearts of Acala fans in some countries. From the very first sip, it's a smile-inducing delight that's downright irresistible. Whether enjoyed on its own for a refreshing treat or paired with a lazy Sunday breakfast of salmon and avocado toast, a glass of Mimosa is sure to take your Sunday to new heights. Get ready for a burst of deliciousness you won't be able to resist!