About Non-Alcoholic Beer

Over Alcoholvrij Bier - World of NIX

Non-alcoholic beer is now often indistinguishable from beer with alcohol. There are therefore more and better beers on the market. Not only do they taste better, but they often have 50% fewer calories than the alcoholic version. We have made a selection of our favorites per style.

The times when you can drink non-alcoholic beer are enormous. We ourselves like to drink one during lunch or after a good sports training.

Did you know that the German Olympic team drinks non-alcoholic beer as a recovery drink ? It contains antioxidants and substances that promote your immune system.

If your favorite beer is not in our range, please let us know at hello@nixennix.com

We have more than 70 different beers in our liquor stores. So even more than you can find online - Are you looking for Zwarter Ruiter, Maisel, Brother in Law, Mikkeller, Brew Dog, Hula Hula, Waterland, Dodgeball, Vrijwit, Bird Brewery, Jever, De Leckere, Nogne Himla Humla/Svart /Stripped Craft, Free Damm and others, come pick them out at one of our liquor stores.