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Dry January causes crowds at non-alcoholic liquor stores

Although many consumers tighten their belts after the holidays, turnover actually increases at the Amsterdam branch of World of NIX in January. This is what Wim Boekema (43), co-founder of the alcohol-free liquor store on Eerste Boomdwarsstraat, tells us. 'Dry January really plays a role in that.'

Dry January started ten years ago in England. The idea behind the initiative is that people do not drink alcohol for a month. This is to create a moment of reflection on your own alcohol use. According to Boekema, it is logical that participants in this month end up at World of NIX. 'Living more consciously does not immediately mean that you only drink water.'

Boekema says that, especially in Amsterdam, more and more customers are coming to try non-alcoholic wine, beer and cocktails this month. This means that World of NIX escapes the traditionally quieter period that many other retailers experience in January.

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