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Don't feel like having a hangover? This is how you survive New Year's Eve without drinking.

An alcohol-free New Year's Eve? Jacqueline van Lieshout from Overveen is experiencing this for the seventh time this year. She is not the only one, notes owner Wim Boekema of non-alcoholic liquor store World of NIX. "More people have become interested in a healthier lifestyle."

Six years ago, the Overveen author and coach Jacqueline van Lieshout stopped drinking alcohol as an experiment. Because she suddenly slept wonderfully and felt much more excited about exercising, eating well, and tackling things, she felt much better and gave up the drink for the time being.


But the first New Year's Eve was 'very strange' for her. "I thought: my god, how am I going to get through that evening? With alcohol I could go on with the neighbors until six o'clock. Now it was a crime to stay up, and just boring." At least, that's what drinkers say, Van Lieshout adds. “Actually, a lot of things are just really stupid in themselves,” she says. "But when you drink you don't really notice it."

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