Noordhollands Dagblad

Noordhollands Dagblad - World of NIX

Dry January: no alcohol for a whole month. Lars (28) accepts the challenge. 'Otherwise it quickly goes from one, to two, to eight...'

Heerhugowaard. The new year has started so that means the start of Dry January. Then what is the first place you go; the non-alcoholic liquor store. "The first thing people say to us upon entering is, you have to get me through it," says Jorrit Polder (25), salesman at Nix & Nix Middenwaard. Is an alcohol-free liquor store the solution to defy Dry January? If it is up to the seller Erik Spanjer (44), yes. "Many people drink a bottle of wine or whiskey purely for the taste. An alcohol-free wine is then the solution to resist the temptation of alcohol."

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