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Busy at non-alcoholic liquor store World of NIX by Dry January

This January is also 'Dry January', in which you don't drink alcohol for a month. This does not mean that all liquor stores are now less busy: turnover is increasing at the Amsterdam branch of the alcohol-free liquor store World of NIX.

Dry January is a campaign from the United Kingdom, but the initiative is also becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands in the form of the IkPas campaign. Officially, more than 25,000 people are participating this year, but the actual number is probably higher. This means that a lot of people are looking for an alternative this month, which suits the alcohol-free liquor store Nix & Nix on Eerste Boomdwarsstraat in Amsterdam.

Co-founder Wim Boekema tells NAP News that in the past month they have welcomed more and more customers who want to try non-alcoholic wine, beer and cocktails. 'Dry January really plays a role in that.'

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