Goodbye mocktail, welcome non-alcoholic cocktail

It has not escaped our notice that the term 'mocktail' may sound old-fashioned to some. Mocktails used to be known as the sweet, somewhat childish siblings of more adult cocktails. But let's face it: those days are far behind us.

Our non-alcoholic cocktails are an example of creativity and craftsmanship. Innovative techniques, exquisite ingredients and a touch of magic from expert mixologists are used to create drinks that are not only delicious, but also an experience in themselves. It doesn't matter whether you fancy something fresh and fruity, spicy and complex, or soft and floral.

We invite you to join us on this tasteful journey of discovery. Explore the boundaries of what is possible in the world of non-alcoholic cocktails and be surprised by the depth and complexity of the creations. Welcome to the new world of non-alcoholic cocktails, where tradition and innovation come together to create something truly special.

How did mocktails actually come about?

Let's look back at when the term mocktails originated. The concept of the "mocktail," a portmanteau of "mock" and "cocktail," has a fascinating history dating back to the days of Prohibition in the United States. During Prohibition, from 1920 to 1933, the sale of alcohol was prohibited by law. But the thirst for creative and tasty drinks remained. People started mixing different types of soft drinks, juices, herbs and spices to provide an alternative to the alcoholic cocktails that were no longer legally available. These drinks became popular among those who did not drink alcohol, or when social events took place where alcohol was not allowed to be served.

After the end of Prohibition, the popularity of these non-alcoholic drinks continued, especially among pregnant women, drivers, people who do not drink alcohol for health reasons, and young people. 'Mocktails' offered a sense of inclusivity during social gatherings as they allowed everyone to enjoy a special drink without alcohol.

Over time, mocktails have evolved from simple juices and soft drinks to more complex and sophisticated drinks. Bartenders and mixologists began experimenting with craft syrups, fresh herbs, spices, infused waters, and craft bitters to add depth and complexity that rivaled traditional cocktails. It was a way to showcase the techniques and art of mixing drinks, without necessarily relying on the presence of alcohol.

In today's society, with a growing interest in healthy living and wellness, mocktails – now increasingly referred to as non-alcoholic cocktails – have taken on new meaning. They are no longer just an alternative, but a top choice for many people who enjoy the complexity and pleasure of a well-crafted cocktail, without the effects of alcohol. With the rise of non-alcoholic spirits and wines that mimic the essence of their alcoholic counterparts, the non-alcoholic cocktail scene is more thriving than ever.

Trends and innovations that turned mocktails into cocktails

Slowly but surely we have seen the shift from the traditional concept of 'mocktails' to full-fledged non-alcoholic cocktails. This evolution has been driven by a number of trends and innovations that have turned the bar world upside down. Let's dive into this fascinating journey.

In their early stages, mocktails were often just a sweet, simple alternative to alcoholic drinks, intended to give non-drinkers an option. They were often simple combinations of soft drinks, juices and syrups, served without the depth or complexity of traditional cocktails. But as demand for more inclusive drinking options increased, especially from people who don't want or can't drink alcohol for health reasons, personal preferences or during pregnancy, bartenders and producers began experimenting with more advanced ingredients and techniques.

One of the first major trends in this evolution was the rise of fermented drinks such as kombucha , kefir and fermented teas . These offered a new dimension of flavors and textures that fit perfectly with the world of non-alcoholic cocktails. Their natural fermentation process provides a certain complexity and depth, similar to that of traditional wines and beers, but without the alcohol. This opened the door to a whole new spectrum of flavor profiles and possibilities for mixologists.

Parallel to the rise of fermented drinks, we also saw the development of non-alcoholic distillates. Brands like Seedlip and Lyre's began distilling herbs, spices, fruits and other botanicals to create non-alcoholic spirits . These products mimic the taste and mouthfeel of gin , rum , whiskey and other traditional spirits, but without the presence of alcohol. This was a game changer; it allowed bartenders to recreate classic cocktails such as the Gin & Tonic , Martini and Old Fashioned in non-alcoholic form, while retaining the complexity and balance that characterize these drinks.

These innovations have led to a new generation of non-alcoholic cocktails that are on par with their alcoholic counterparts. They are made with the same care, attention and creativity, and often with exclusive ingredients specially designed for the alcohol-free market. It's no longer about simply cutting out the alcohol; it's now about creating a unique, satisfying experience that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their drinking preferences.

The trend towards alcohol-free cocktails reflects a broader shift in society where well-being and conscious enjoyment are central. It highlights the importance of inclusivity in the bar world, where everyone, regardless of their reasons for avoiding alcohol, can enjoy the art of cocktail making. This movement has not only led to innovation and creativity in drink offerings, but also a change in how we approach social interactions and celebrations, focusing on the experience and the company, rather than the alcohol itself.

World of NIX - Vier het Voorjaar - World of NIX Genieten van de alcoholvrije prosecco van Saboritz Spumante


Alcoholvrije gin van Seedlip Mocktail met alcoholvrije gin van Seedlip


Alcoholvrije gin van Nona June Alcoholvrije gin van Nona als gin & tonic
World of NIX - SaboSpritz pakket - World of NIX Alcoholvrije cocktail - SaboSpritz
Alcoholvrije drank van NONA Alcoholvrije drank van NONA, de fles en de drank in glas

From mocktails to the non-alcoholic cocktails from World of NIX

At World of NIX we have perfected the art of the non-alcoholic cocktail down to the finest detail. Our cocktails are not just an alternative to alcoholic drinks; they are a category of pleasure and refinement all their own. They are the result of creativity, passion and a deep understanding of taste and experience.

Every cocktail at World of NIX is an adventure in itself, a taste sensation carefully composed from the best ingredients. Think of refined herbal infusions, rich fruit extracts and even specially developed alcohol-free spirits that form the basis of our unique creations.

Discover our top 10 favorite cocktails , including these refreshing classics and new discoveries:

The “ Roots – Negroni Rosso ” offers a playful twist on the classic Negroni, matching the robust flavors of a traditional Negroni with an interplay of non-alcoholic alternatives.

" Rebels - Espresso Martino " is a spicy treat, a blend of Rebels Malt with the full flavor of espresso, perfect for lovers of a strong coffee kick.

The " Bitter Mary " renews the traditional cocktail experience with a playful blend of Three Spirit Livener and Fever Tree Raspberry & Rhubarb, which provides a nice balance between bitter and sweet. This alcohol-free version is perfect for times when you want to serve something unique and refreshing, suitable for any occasion.

The " Rebels - Dark Spice & Stormy " is our fresh take on the traditional Dark & ​​Stormy, with the rich, spicy notes of Rebels Dark Spice Spirit , perfectly complemented by the tingle of ginger beer. This non-alcoholic interpretation is ideal for any occasion, transforming the classic cocktail into an accessible, tasty experience for everyone.

The " Wilfreds - SaboSpritz " redefines the vibrant world of spritz cocktails with its subtle blend of Wilfred's bittersweet aromas and the elegant bubbles of Saboritz Spumante . This makes every sip a refined experience, perfect for any occasion when you crave something fresh and exciting.

The " Rebels - Botanical Gin & Tonic " is the perfect mix for a refreshing cocktail experience, ideal for beautiful evenings and special occasions. With a base of Rebels 0.0% Botanical Dry , enriched with Elderflower Tonic, and finished with a garnish of grapefruit or orange peel and a sprig of rosemary, this alcohol-free cocktail offers a delicious combination of fresh and floral flavors.

The "Rebels - Amaretto Sour " brings a sweet twist to the cocktail range, combining the Rebels Amaretto Alternative with orange and lemon juice for a perfectly balanced mix of sweet and sour. This alcohol-free variant is a delicious choice for any occasion, offering a refreshing experience with a fruity finish.

The " Abstinence - Blood Orange Spritz " is a fresh, alcohol-free cocktail perfect for any occasion, with the vibrant flavors of Abstinence Blood Orange Aperitif combined with alcohol-free sparkling wine . It's a delicious way to celebrate the day, refreshing and full of flavor.

The " MargarISHa " offers a sunny, alcohol-free twist on the classic Margarita, perfect for summer days or festive occasions. Enjoy the vibrant flavors without compromise and make every moment a party.

The " Gnista - Gnista 'n Ginger " combines the best of Swedish Gnista Floral Wormwood with the spiciness of ginger beer and a hint of lime, for a sparkling, alcohol-free mix that is perfect for a special evening. This cocktail is simple yet impressive, and will add that little bit extra to your evening.

Perfect Pairings

Cocktails are no longer just for drinks; they offer a world of flavors that can go perfectly with different dishes. From the subtle interplay between spicy notes and seafood to the harmonious combination of sweet cocktails with spicy dishes, the right cocktail can take any dish to the next level. By experimenting with various ingredients and flavors, you can create a dining experience that is both surprising and delicious. Read on to discover which dishes the top 10 cocktails go with:

The “ Bitter Mary ” with its sparkling blend of Three Spirit Livener and Fever Tree Raspberry & Rhubarb, finished with a garnish of fresh red fruit, would pair fantastically with dishes that contain light, fresh elements. For example, consider a summer salad with lamb's lettuce, goat cheese, walnuts and fresh raspberries, where the bittersweet and fruity notes of the cocktail complement the fresh and soft flavors of the salad.

The " Roots - Negroni Rosso " is an alcohol-free twist on the classic Negroni, which would pair perfectly with a rich, flavorful cheese board or hearty Italian dishes such as a game ragout. The combination of the spicy Rebels Botanical Dry , the sunny Abstinence Blood Orange and the sweet Roots Divino Rosso forms a harmonious balance with the robust flavors of these dishes.

The " Wilfreds - SaboSpritz " would go perfectly with light starters or seafood dishes. The fresh and vibrant notes of elderflower and pear, combined with rosemary and marmalade, would beautifully complement the subtle flavors of, for example, a shrimp cocktail or a fresh ceviche.

The " Rebels - Espresso Martino " combines the rich flavors of espresso with the unique Rebels Malt Blend , enriched with vanilla syrup and a touch of vegan milk foam. This cocktail would be perfect after a dinner as an elegant ending, ideal to combine with desserts such as tiramisu or chocolate fondant, where the deep coffee flavors and sweet accents complement the dishes beautifully.

The " Rebels - Botanical Gin & Tonic " is a fresh and spicy mix, ideal for beautiful evenings and special occasions. This cocktail would pair wonderfully with light, fresh dishes such as a summer green salad or a whitefish dish, where the floral and fresh notes of the cocktail complement the delicate flavors of the dish.

The " Rebels - Dark Spice & Stormy " is an alcohol-free version of the classic Dark & ​​Stormy, with Rebels 0.0% Dark Spice Spirit and ginger beer. This spicy and vibrant cocktail would be perfect with savory and spicy dishes, such as a hearty stew or spicy grill dishes, where the deep spice of the cocktail complements the rich flavors of the food.

The "Rebels - Amaretti Sour " combines the sweetness of amaretto with the freshness of lime juice, making it an excellent choice for desserts with a rich, nutty flavor, such as a classic almond tart or chocolate amaretti cookies. The balance of sweet and sour in the cocktail can complement the sweetness of the dessert and provide a flavorful ending to a meal.

The " Gnista - Gnista 'n Ginger " combines Gnista Floral Wormwood with ginger beer and lime juice, making it a spicy cocktail with a Swedish twist. This cocktail would be perfect with spicy Asian dishes or grilled meat dishes, with the spicy and slightly sweet notes of the cocktail complementing the rich and tart flavors of the food.

The " MargarISHa " is a refreshing, alcohol-free twist on the classic Margarita, ideal for summer days or festive occasions. With the vibrant flavors of lime juice, ISH Mexican Agave Spirit and Abstinence Cape Citrus , this cocktail would be perfect with Mexican dishes such as tacos, nachos with guacamole or a spicy ceviche, where the fresh and citrusy notes complement the spicy flavors.

The " Abstinence - Blood Orange Spritz " is a sparkling, fruity cocktail that would go well with light summer dishes or as an aperitif. Think of a fresh citrus salad, an assortment of seafood tapas, or even a delicate fish ceviche. The vibrant flavors of blood orange would complement and freshen these dishes beautifully.

Discover the non-alcoholic cocktail brands: