5 Tips for relaxed holidays

5 Tips voor ontspannen feestdagen - World of NIX

Holidays are great, of course, but sometimes the days after that mainly consist of bloating and recovering. We have 5 tips to feel great after the holidays!

1) Start every party with an alcohol-free bubble or cocktail . It is super festive to start with this and it also has a number of advantages. For example, you have longer the chance to really catch up. In addition, an alcohol-free variant contains up to 80% fewer calories.

2) Go for a walk. Maybe it's not time to go to the gym, but take a walk together between all lunches and dinners. Walking is a perfect way to put your body to work and clear your mind. Moreover, it is also ideal for having a serious conversation in a relaxed way.

3) Try non-alcoholic beer. Did you know that alcohol-free beer is full of electrolytes and is therefore the perfect sports drink? That is also the reason why the German Olympic team drinks non-alcoholic beer. We have a collection of original specialty beers that are ideal for that first beer of the day.

4) Think about mental health. Keep it cozy at the table with your in-laws ;-) Play an old-fashioned game or play a game of football or cubbing with the whole family.

5) The last drink of the night. Opt for after dinner with an alcohol-free twist. We have drinks like the Gnista Barreled Oak and the Three Spirits Nightcap that are perfect after any meal. And the benefit? Well, you will notice that the next day anyway!