Sleep well

Lekker Slapen

How do you sleep? A good night's sleep is wonderful, but also very important for your brain and recovery! The average Dutch person sleeps 7 hours and 12 minutes per night. However, 63% of us are not happy with our own sleep quality. According to the Brain Foundation, you sleep less deeply and you still wake up tired in the morning if you drink alcohol before going to sleep. In his book "Drink?" David Nutt describes why this is so: "The problem is that in the second part of the night your sleep will be disturbed. You will not get enough REM sleep. And it is precisely this REM sleep, when you dream, that helps to clear your mind. to organize".

We ourselves drink the Three Spirit Nightcap as a nightcap . This contains valerian. Or Solbrü's elixirs based on herbs and mushrooms. For example, the Solbrü Inspire Lions Mane Mushrooms contains .

sleep well,
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