DISCOVER GNISTA: Swedish Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Not wines van Gnista

For Gnista it is important that the products are not imitations of existing alcoholic drinks or wines, but are in a class of their own. Founder Erika likes to share her personal story: "Each drink is born from carefully selected ingredients and innovative techniques. We strive for alternatives to traditional drinks. Our flavors promise a journey full of body and complexity, a true voyage of discovery for your taste buds.


Gnista has proven itself in the world's best bars, where their two spirits are served. But the magic goes further than that. With Gnista you can also effortlessly create delicious mocktails at home. And as icing on the cake, they present the Not Wines "Red" collection: French and Italian Style. These wines do not have wine as a base, but are composed of various juices and herbs. Perfect to combine with your meal thanks to the rich flavors of tannins, cherries and herbs.


"I'm looking forward to coming to the World of NIX liquor stores in Amsterdam. It's great to meet customers in the afternoon and answer questions live during the tasting in the Jordaan on May 2 and De Pijp on May 3," says Erika Ollén enthusiastically.

Discover Gnista yourself with our special weekly deal. Valid both online and in the liquor store until Sunday May 5. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the boundaries of taste and innovation with Gnista.

Let's toast together to innovation, refinement and limitless taste experience!

Cheers, Team Gnista & NIX