Non-alcoholic wines

Have you ever wondered how the distinctive flavors of a drink depend not only on the selection of the fruit, but also on the soil quality, climate, and the expertise of the maker? Are you curious how a drink without alcohol can still retain the depth and nuances that are so appreciated in traditional variants?

At World of NIX we strive to offer more than an exclusive collection of premium non-alcoholic wines . We lift the veil behind our exclusive collection step by step. We have a lot of additional information about the collection based on various issues.

Various issues such as:
How are these special non-alcoholic wines created? What defines a drink as organic or vegan? And how do you pair the ideal drink with your meal?

Step by step we reveal the secrets behind our selection, so that you not only enjoy your drink, but also appreciate the story behind it.

Diversity in non-alcoholic choices

In the collection of non-alcoholic wines at World of NIX, the focus is on quality and taste. Many different types of wines are discussed. Red wines , from deep Merlot to powerful Cabernet Sauvignon. Or the white wines with their soft Chardonnay, fresh Sauvignon Blanc or fruity Riesling. How about the elegant Rosé, perfect for those sultry summer evenings? There is more! Our collection of sparkling wines brings celebration every day, with choices ranging from the rich Cuvée to the light and airy Blanc de Blancs. For people who really want to go into depth, we also have Not Wines. This category explores the boundaries of what non-alcoholic wines can be, offering unique and innovative alternatives that challenge the traditional wine experience. Each of our wines tells its own story, from the carefully selected grapes to the artisanal production methods that preserve the essence of each grape.

The winelands

The non-alcoholic wines often come from one of the most renowned wine countries in the world. From the sunny hills of New Zealand, known for its vibrant Sauvignon Blanc, to the rich vineyards of South Africa, where robust Merlot grapes thrive. Each country brings its unique terroir and winemaking traditions, resulting in a diverse palette of flavors and aromas. Explore this rich wine world further on the country page for a deeper exploration into each wine country.

European wine countries:

Wine countries outside Europe
New Zealand
South Africa

Behind the scenes of non-alcoholic wine production

Behind the scenes of alcohol-free wine production lies a world of craftsmanship, precision and innovation. Just like with traditional wine, the process begins with the careful selection of grapes from the best vineyards. These grapes are fermented into wine, after which the unique process of de-alcoholization takes place. This can be done in various ways, such as vacuum distillation or reverse osmosis, where the alcohol is carefully removed from the wine without losing the essential aromas and flavors.

The result? A refined non-alcoholic wine that retains the complexity and pleasure of its alcoholic counterpart, but without the alcohol. This technological advancement in wine production offers lovers of a good glass of wine a healthier alternative.

Alcoholvrije rode wijnen Alcoholvrije rode wijn van Cognato Red wordt gebruikt om te koken
Packshot alcoholvrije witte wijn pakket World of NIX - Alcoholvrije Wijn Special - Witte Wijnen - World of NIX
Packshot alcoholvrije rode en witte wijnen pakket World of NIX - Alcoholvrije Wijn Special - Winnaars! - World of NIX
Fles Aldea 0.0% Verdejo witte wijn met etiket. Persoon die een glas Aldea 0.0% Verdejo witte wijn proeft.
Packshot van de Noughty Red alcoholvrije rode wijn. Thomson & Scott - Noughty Red - World of NIX
Alcoholvrije witte wijn Gustavshof - Zero Zero Alkoholfrei | World of NIX Alcoholvrije witte wijn Gustavshof - Zero Zero Alkoholfrei | World of NIX

Wine & Food Pairing

Food pairing with non-alcoholic wines is an essential element that completes the culinary experience. It is not only about choosing the right wine for a dish, but also about creating a harmonious balance in which the flavors of both food and wine enhance each other. This delicate balance ensures that both the wine and the dish blend together and elevate each other, creating a unique and unforgettable taste experience.

At World of NIX we understand the importance of this synergy and therefore offer an extensive menu specially designed to complement our selection of non-alcoholic wines. From the fresh and fruity character of our Acala Sparkling Tea Spritz Style , ideal as an aperitif, to the complex and rich flavors of our Ambijus Clearly Confused , perfect for more robust dishes; each combination has been carefully chosen to delight the taste buds.

We invite you to explore our menu and experience the art of food pairing for yourself. Discover how the right combination of non-alcoholic wine and dish can transform an ordinary meal into a culinary highlight.

Sustainable wines

When is a wine organic?
A wine can be called organic if it is made from grapes grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. This means that organic vineyards are often more vibrant and diverse, home to bees, birds and other beneficial organisms. The grapes from an organic vineyard, such as those used for the Gustavshof Zero Zero Alkoholfrei and the Oddbird Domaine de la Prade Organic , are often more robust and have a natural resistance to local pests and diseases, thanks to the healthy, biodiverse environment in which they grow.

And vegan?
Vegan wine goes one step further by completely excluding the use of animal products in the production process. This mainly concerns the fining process, where products such as egg white, gelatin or isinglass are traditionally used. Vegan wines, like our Ara Wines Zero Sauvignon Blanc and ME.JS Ohne Kater Pinot Gris , use alternative methods such as bentonite clay or activated charcoal, making them accessible to anyone avoiding animal products.

The benefits at a glance
The benefit of organic viticulture is not only the absence of harmful chemicals, but also the promotion of biodiversity and soil health, leading to higher quality grapes and therefore better wine. Vegan wines offer an ethical benefit by respecting the welfare of animals, as well as providing an option for those with certain allergies or dietary preferences.

What do the grapes look like?
Organic and vegan grapes may not look any different from conventional grapes, but if you look closer you may notice that they are smaller and have thicker skins, which gives them a more intense flavor. The vineyards themselves are often more vibrant, with richer undergrowth and healthier soil, which you can indirectly taste in the wine.